Wall of Fame

These awards are displayed in recognition of people who have been instrumental through the years for the success of the School of Graphic Arts. We seek to recognize Students, Staff, Administrators, and Friends who have shown through their commitment the belief that our mission is important to the success of the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford.

We would like to recognize the following people for their dedication to the School of Graphic Arts.


Mr. Joseph R. Colenda, Sr – Joe Colenda, an alumnus, was Manager of the School of Printing. His easy nature and attention to detail combined to make him an ideal instructor to the young men of Oxford Orphanage who were desperately in need of his style of leadership. Many former students fondly remember “Mr. Joe” for the guidance he offered and how it affected their lives after they left the Home.





Mr. Dan C. Rice – Dan Rice graduated from Oxford Orphanage in 1968. While working in the School of Printing, he gained a work ethic that carried him into adulthood. Dan has gone on to distinguish himself in the business world, and in 2009 became the first alumnus to be elected Grand Master of Masons in North Carolina.

Mr. Allen G. Colenda – Allen Colenda, also an alumnus, was manager of the School of Printing at Oxford Orphanage from 1959-1988. During his tenure he became one of the most beloved employees at the Home. His legacy is manifested in the students that took his lessons of life and used them to guide their path into adulthood.

“The School of Graphic Arts has consistently exceeded our expectations”

Mr. John H. Mills – Mr. Mills, the first administrator of Oxford Orphanage, had the vision to plant the seed in 1875 that would lead to the creation of the School of Printing at Oxford Orphanage. With his leadership, what began as just an idea has flourished into one of the great success stories in the history of the Home.
Mr. Tommy O. Eller – Tommy Eller has shown through his love, his caring, and his resources that he is truly a friend of the School of Graphic Arts at the Masonic Home. His ardent support during time of uncertainty has proven to be a guide to all those who still believe that, with faith, our mission can continue to be achieved.

Mr. Wayne D. Roberson – Wayne Roberson started working at the Oxford Orphanage School of Printing in 1978. During his time here he has affected the lives of many students, some of whom used the skills he passed on to pursue a career in the printing industry. Upon his retirement Wayne’s forty years of service made him the longest tenured employee in the history of the Print Shop.


Don Kehler

President, The Temple Publishers, Inc.

"The Temple Publishers is proud to exclusively use the School of Graphic Arts at the Masonic Home for Children for the production of all of books. We know that it is imperative to produce a very high quality and visually attractive product . The School of Graphic Arts has consistently met and even exceeded our expectations in excellence of production, and always provides friendly and knowledgeable customer service, all at a reasonable price."